MSS Year A

MSS Year A is an intensive year worth 75 ECTS. It consists of three types of modules:

CORE MODULES are mandatory taught modules designed primarily to deliver academic program content and are broad and interdisciplinary in their scope.
• M1-ITS Introduction to Space (10 ECTS)
• M2-ISS Interdisciplinary Space Studies (20 ECTS)

PRACTICE MODULES are mandatory student-activity focused modules, designed to deliver experience in the application of academic program content in a broad 3Is context.
• M3-TPR 3I Team Project (12 ECTS)
• M4-IPR Individual Project (12 ECTS)
• M5-INT Internship (15 ECTS)

The 12-week internship is usually carried out in a space organisation or other host institution. Supported and advised by ISU, students identify their internship opportunities in accordance with their particular interests/career goals.

The following organizations hosted ISU MSS students on their internships in 2015: Airbus Defence & Space, Appalachian State University, Beining Xingda Science and Technology Development CO, LTD, CERN, DLR, EAC, ESA-ESTEC, Eurospace, INMARSAT, KK Ispace, LuxSpace Sàr, NASA Ames, NASA GSFC, NASA JSC, NASA MSFC, Nigerian Communication Satellite Ltd, Northern Sky Research, OHB, SES, Tohoku University, WorldView Enterprise.

ELECTIVE MODULES are shorter, optional, taught modules designed to deliver academic program content. They are narrower and more discipline-focused than core modules. Students must take two elective modules.
• M6-PRO Space Propulsion (3 ECTS)
• M7-SAT Satellite Communications (3 ECTS)
• M8-ARC Space Architecture and Human Performance in Space (3 ECTS)
• M9-SED Space Systems Engineering and Design (3 ECTS)
• M10-ABL Astrobiology (3 ECTS)
• M11-INT Interstellar Studies (3 ECTS)
• M12-SMB Space Negotiations and Business Strategies (3 ECTS)
• M13-NSE New Space and Entrepreneurship (3 ECTS)

Please note that not all elective modules will necessarily be offered/run each academic year. This will depend on both resourcing and uptake.

MSS Year A can be completed in full-time mode from September of one year to September of the following year or in part-time mode by completing one or more modules per year within a maximum of seven years.