Each year many applicants wish to attend ISU programs but lack the financial means to do so. Using funding from various Agencies and the space industry, as well as donations, ISU has managed to provide part of the tuition from its own funding to allow applicants to bridge the gap between the full tuition and the participants' personal contribution.

As the funding from these different sources is decreasing, ISU has been forced to introduce a system of pledges whereby such an advance is made on a reimbursable basis. Although based upon a moral obligation and not a contractual one, and in the interest of helping future applicants to finance their studies at ISU, applicants are therefore asked to make a best effort to reimburse a portion of the scholarship they have received when this becomes financially possible for them.

It is important to note that in most countries, it will be possible to deduct a large portion of the repaid sums from income taxes. Applicants should not hesitate to contact ISU for more information in this regard.


1. The first year after graduation those who remain unemployed will not be asked for repayment.

2. One year after graduation an installment plan is suggested. Note that installment plans suggest a 50% repayment only of the scholarship received, in order to minimize applicants' financial burden.

3. If salary at that point in time does not allow to sustain the payment plan, a justification for either a delay or reduced payments can be requested from the ISU Director of Administration and Finance to find an acceptable compromise.

4. Finally, to reduce the commitment duration, those who are employed immediately after graduation will be asked to begin the reimbursement process after closure of the program as reflected in their installment plans.

The International Space University (ISU) is very grateful to the following alumni, sponsoring scholarships via the voluntary payback system. ISU guarantees that the funds received will be used exclusively to provide scholarships, to applicants for future ISU programs, which cannot afford the tuition fees.

The following alumni have either paid back fully or are in the process of doing so under the flexible payback conditions.

Our thanks to all of them!

Matteo Aquilano, MSS15
Alana Bartolini, SSP14
Maya Bartov, SSP16
Miles Bengtson, SSP17
Audrey Berquand, SSP17
Laura Bettiol, SSP15 (paid back fully)
Natalia Larrea Brito, SSP14
Nathan Brookes, SSP15
Gary Calnan, SSP17
Nicolas Chuecos, SSP14
Lorraine Conroy, SSP17 (paid back fully)
Andrea Coto, SH-SSP18 (paid back fully)
Alexandria Dominique Farias, SSP17
Matthew Foster, SSP16
Michael Gallagher, SSP14 (paid back fully)
Thomas Godard, SSP14
Stephen Grixti, SSP14 (paid back fully)
Julia Heuritsch, SSP16
Lars Hoving, SSP15 (paid back fully)
Hatem Alkhafaji Hussein, MSS17
Jovan Kljajic, SSP14 (paid back fully)
Christopher Kenny, MSS15
Daniel Long, SSP14
Mohamed Makthoum, MSS16
André Mas, SSP14 (paid back fully)
Sebastian Marcu, SSP14
Melissa Mirino, SH-SSP16 (paid back fully)
Rashmi Nayar, SH-SSP16 (paid back fully)
Hannah Petersson, SSP16
Arnau Pons Lorente, SSP15
Jans Raymaekers, SSP14 (paid back fully)
Allyson Reneau, SSP14
Yessica Dennise Reyes Gutiérrez, SH-SSP17
Timo Rühl, SSP17
Tanay Sharma, SSP14
Abigail Sherriff, MSS15
Matthew Shouppe, SSP14
Andrea Fatima Sorice Genaro, SSP15 (paid back fully)
Nurudeen Suleiman, MSS15
Chaitra Suvarna, MSS15
Reinhard Tlustos, SSP15 (paid back fully)
Tatsunari Tomiyama, SSP15
Ray Vandenhoeck, SSP16
Tom Willems, SSP15 (paid back fully)