coverDear reader,

This report covers the International Space University’s (ISU) academic year 2017-2018, including the educational programs carried out, statistics on our students, participants and alumni as well as our publications, research and library services.

Our growing community now includes more than 4600 alumni from over 105 countries, most of them working in the space field, as well as more than one hundred faculty members from academia, government and industry who regularly contribute to the teaching effort. The members of our community are the best ambassadors of the ISU vision for interdisciplinary space education for peaceful international cooperation, and we thank them for their ambassadorship and generous contributions.

Our thanks also go to our partners and sponsors, who are making our presence possible at the Strasbourg Central Campus and wherever our programs take place: Adelaide, Delft, Seattle…and more locations to come in 2019.


We hope that you will find this report both interesting and relevant.

The ISU faculty and staff.